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Bakamere Organization is a consultancy company focused on solution-based, highly individualized processes tailored to benefiting personal development, professional pursuits, and employee dynamics.  Our services balance on the convergence and inevitability of change so that we can focus on the details while you observe the whole picture come into view with solution-based problem-solving, guidance, and optimal support readily available.  We are able to look at each client uniquely through various lenses and devise supportive measures that implement success across the board. 


Bakamere Organization was founded by Corinne Feinberg, a communications major and RoHun™ Transpersonal Psychology Therapist with a penchant for superb customer service from an intuitive sense.  She has been seeing clients and following her passion for personal growth and studies for the past 9 years after discovering an unconventional solution for her Chronic Lyme Disease symptoms, which ultimately healed her completely. Fast forward to 2019 when Corinne began devising and testing her unique method to affect change without sacrificing support and ease through a specific protocol tailored to each person, business, and employee individually and amongst teams.

Bakamere Organization donates a percentage of every transaction to supporting veterans who suffer from PTSD as a way to give back to those adjusting to the psychological effects of traumatic change.

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