Bakamere Organization is a spiritual development consulting service focused on solution-based, highly-individualized processes tailored to benefiting YOU and your life path.  Our work balances on the convergence of spirituality and science to bring previously disparate viewpoints on health and wellness into a whole picture format for optimal support.  We are able to look at each client uniquely by analyzing their birth information through the lens of Vedic Astrology and Numerology, and devise supportive measures based on the principles of vibrational science, the physics of energy communication patterns and neuropsychology. 


We've developed a groundbreaking software that allows us to consider your needs through 102+ points of analysis and offer supportive measures for you personally, your house, your business, your family and your pets all without you needing to leave your home, take time away from work and family, or talk through it - unless you'd prefer it!


Bakamere Organization was founded by Corinne Feinberg, a multi-disciplined spiritual healer and RoHun™ Transpersonal Psychology Therapist who healed herself from Chronic Lyme Disease in 2012 without the use of prescriptions.  She has been seeing clients and developing her spiritual studies for the past 8 years and in 2019 began crafting and testing her own method of healing work to bridge the gap between spirituality and science while offering a specific protocol tailored to each person individually.

Bakamere Organization donates a percentage of every transaction to supporting veterans who suffer from PTSD.

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