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All services below are remote and offered through email only.  There is an additional fee if you would prefer the option of phone or Skype support. 


Please contact us for personal and business pricing. 

Payment plans available upon request.



New to Bakamere's technology?  This is where we recommend you begin!

The discovery report examines your purpose for utilizing our expertise, and offers suggestions of how Bakamere can incorporate supportive measures to directly address these areas in need.  We spend approximately 3-5 hours analyzing, dissecting and crafting this emailed report for you with the timing of aspects in your life, connections between the affects on your physical body, mentality and emotions and how this affects your life.  This report examines your lifetime - past, present and upcoming - making this information uniquely specific and valid for you for the entirety of your life.  You are not under any obligation to move forward with the solutions offered in this report, and they can be implemented at any point in time if you'd like to incorporate them when you feel ready to do so.  Solutions are created specifically for your needs out of the processes listed below.

Cost: $350

Request a Discovery Report (new clients)


Only for existing clients looking for a follow-up or guidance around something new that they want to focus on.

This is an emailed report that is focused on one aspect that needs attention or clarification.

If your inquiry requires more depth, or you have a couple questions you'd like insights on, we suggest you choose the Discovery Report for existing clients.

Cost: $160

Request a One Question Report (existing clients)


This emailed report is for existing clients requesting insight and support for a particular time frame, or in-depth insight into a current experience in their life.

Cost: $350

Request a Discovery Report (existing clients)


A great way to celebrate a birthday or enter a new year is by looking at what this next cycle around the sun has in store for you.  Suggestions for support may be included based on our current process offerings, as well as the most optimal time frames to implement targeted support.  Information is the gateway to understanding and receiving foresight in how you can best navigate this upcoming cycle can offer support when you need it most.

A detailed report will be emailed to you after reviewing your information.

Cost; $160

Request a Year Ahead Report


Colors emit different energy band wavelengths that can be applied as a communication pattern interaction between other forms of energy.  Utilizing the simple yet effective tool of color coupled with proper placement on the body can provide continuous support to an individual based on their particular needs and desires.  This process uses the optimal color, placement on your body and optimal time or activity to wear it so you can get the most out of this supportive measure.  Your color is deciphered based on your birth information and also includes a 7-day activation process on the clothing item up to 7 individual articles.  An extra fee is applied for additional items.

Color Support includes the addition of direction association and how to apply this information for the added benefit of support in addition to the elements of color and placement.

This process can be used personally, for businesses and animals.


This process uses astrology, numerology and the principles of energy pattern communication through the lens of physics to provide solutions in the form of gemstones for a person, space or animal and addresses karma, life challenges and gifts or strengths.  The gemstone is a tangible tool for you to work with while it provides continuous day in and day out support for as long as you choose to have it.  You will receive comprehensive information on the purpose of this particular gemstone, how to apply and work with the gemstone therapy and what effect it will have on your life. 


Gemstones are carefully chosen, cut and shaped and will have gone through the 7-day activation process to ensure it's vibrational output is undisturbed by man-made forces and any radiation that has been imprinted on the stone due to nuclear testing underground is neutralized so that it's as close to its natural elemental energy signature as possible.

Your gemstone will be shipped to you after the 7-day activation process is complete.

This process can be used personally, for businesses and animals.


This process uses the elements of color, gemstone, shape and position to build an energetic imprint that adapts the energy channels of your systems to a more cooperative exchange flow.  A photograph of yourself acts as the recipient of this continuous support in the area you need it most while being 100% remote and requiring zero effort on your end to receive the benefits.  Think of this process like changing the direction the wind is blowing so that it doesn't tossel your hair into your eyes, therefore allowing you to see more clearly and diminish annoyance.  The flat rate fee allows this supportive measure to take place for the foreseeable future without you needing to consciously do anything to create positive change.


This is the fastest and most instantaneous option of support with the least amount of effort on your end.


Energetic Alignments are included during the first 44 days of the process to help acclimate your energy system and areas of the brain, nervous system, glands, meridians and spine that typically take the brunt of the adjustment to the Energetic Support Card.  This helps to ease any tough spots during the experience of integrating a new energy pattern.


If at any point in time you care to be removed from the process, you are welcome to do so.  Should you care to return after being removed, you will be responsible for purchasing the entire process again and starting from the beginning.

Process length: eternal


This fully remote process addresses how your home environment is interacting with the residents living there.  The house's number can be considered its name while the date it was built plus the date you all signed the agreement to live there is its birthdate.  With this information we can see how compatible this home is for you and your family members while creating a solution that addresses any disharmony. 


If set and setting plays into our experience, then we must marry our intentions for healing and optimal health with the environment that surrounds us the majority of the time, especially the environment where we sleep and restore.

Energetic Alignments are included during the first two weeks of the process to help acclimate your energy system and areas of the brain, nervous system, glands, meridians and spine that typically take the brunt of the adjustment to energetic repatterning.  This helps to ease the transition to the Home Repatterning process.

This process is solidified and will remain in tact for eternity automatically.  If at any point in time you move or would like to reverse the process, the process will be removed on your home.  Should you care to reapply it or transfer it to another home, you will be responsible for purchasing the entire process again and starting from the beginning.

In order to complete this process on the entire home, all residents must consent and be informed.  If you live with roommates or family members that do not want to participate, your bedroom can go through this process.


Process length: eternal


This is a multi-day, continuous process that neutralizes the qualities of any harmful or detrimental vibrational wavelengths (like radiation and EMF) while increasing the beneficial and healing wavelengths emitted within your home, office, or personal items such as supplements, clothing, crystals and gemstones.  The result is a harmonious resonance and interaction between your system and your environment.

Inanimate objects and locations only.

You supply images of the items, we'll do the rest.


We utilize vibrational science tools to align the energetic structures of the outer energy field to the inner physical body for better life force flow, harmony and communication between all areas of your system.  This process lends itself as a reset or rejuvenation when times feel turbulent or you feel stuck, stagnant or overwhelmed.  The areas combed through are all organs, glands, systems, meridians and energy centers.


You will also receive information about areas in need of attention and specific suggestions in terms of supportive measures you can employ to continue your forward movement.

Process Length: 7 days


This softer process allows for a titrated experience for those who are more energetically sensitive but still want to bring clarity to their subconscious patterns and find more ease in moving beyond those faulty beliefs of self. Dosages of flower essences target the specific structure of your subconscious and put you at the helm to move as quickly or as slowly as you need through the adjustment and integration period with how many drops you take daily.

You can use this process as a stepping stone in preparation for The Subconscious Process or as a standalone process to lift the veil of your subconscious and find empowerment in your ability to choose more wisely.

You are responsible for purchasing your flower essence bottles and we will use a picture of your bottles to activate them with our 7 day remote process.


The Subconscious Process is a journey into your unconscious patterns of perception and belief.  The unconscious mind, or subconscious, is the programming that runs while your conscious mind is busy thinking.  When you’re lost in thought while driving down the road, it is your subconscious mind that automatically operates the vehicle while your conscious mind can think about other things such as work, the kids, bills etc.  Your subconscious is formed from the behaviors that you witnessed and experienced in the early years of your life.  The subconscious is like a sponge to the world, absorbing information from those around you. If you were lucky to be around people who had healed their hurts in a healthy way, your subconscious was modeled after those behaviors.  Unfortunately most of us did not have that kind of childhood.


If there was trauma in your life while you were growing up, you didn’t learn the tools to process the emotions of that turmoil.  These emotions then built a memory that was not fully formed due to the unaddressed emotions we felt, causing us to filter through that memory and subsequent emotions whenever we are triggered by a situation, a circumstance, an interaction, a scent, a color, a sound, etc.  This causes us to think and feel like this trauma is happening for the first time over and over again.  However, when you change your perception, or the filter through which you see yourself and the world, you change the signal that sends the message to the cells in your body.

The Subconscious Process looks at your unique and individual structure of your subconscious mind based on your birth information.  It uses a fully remote, 24 hour set up to reveal your unconscious patterns so that you can consciously choose what you want to encourage and continue believing.  Therefore the changes in your life stem from you becoming fully aware of your inner programming and finding more ease with less effort in making new choices from empowerment.  The process uses energy communication patterns through the physics of quality and spiritual science techniques to create momentum for this shift in your subconscious to take place.  These energy communication patterns not only address your own programming from your entire life, but also restructure the dialogue between karmic influences of planetary positioning based on universal debt.


This process will allow you to dive into the depths of who you are, fully immersed to witness the changing landscape of your unconscious mind where you will undoubtedly encounter surprises about yourself, work through emotions that have been previously difficult to move or connect with and release forgotten or previously wounded parts of yourself that have been frozen in trauma and finally able to thaw and transform these memories with more ease and less resistance.  The veil of your unconscious motivations will be lifted and no longer able to automatically pull the strings on the puppetry of your life without your conscious choice. 


The result is self-mastery, awareness, more trust without the need to control, less stress and more empowered choices to live a better and more fulfilling life.

This process is highly-recommended for those wanting to understand their mental and emotional patterns and how that is affecting their lives while receiving the support to make changes towards a more beneficial interaction with themselves and their surroundings.

Once your subconscious solution has reached completion, you will receive tailored hypnotherapy sessions with new thought forms that had previously been rejected by your unconscious mind.  Hypnotherapy techniques are used in combination with the unique structure of your subconscious to devise a tailored and original script to plant seeds of positive thought patterns now that your unconscious mind is clear and available to absorb new patterns.


There will be between 3-5 session recordings based on your birth information and sessions will be emailed or in-person (depending on location).  You will have full access to the recordings so you may revisit them whenever you'd like.


An introductory complimentary consultation phone call will allow us to discuss the processes and technology Bakamere uses, and how we can help you achieve the most optimal expression of your life, business and home.

Schedule your Introductory Consultation here

Introductory Consultation
Discovery Report
One Question Report
Discovery Report (existing clients)
Year Ahead Report
Color Support
Gemstone Therapy
Energetic Support Card
Home Repatterning
Activation Process
Energy Alignment
Subconscious Soother
Subconscious Process


This process is focused on the control center of the brain to send healing support to the area that is having a difficult time adjusting by creating a healing energy pattern signal from the brain through color band wavelengths.  It's a 24hr set up that takes place over 7 days to provide consistent and continuous support.  We monitor and check in with your system throughout each day of the process.


You will also receive information about areas that needed attention throughout the process and recommendations in terms of supportive measures you can employ to continue your forward movement.  If you want a more detailed report with direct solutions to address these areas outside of the Brain Harmonization Process, it is suggested that you schedule a Discovery Report first.

Process Length: 7 days - 24 hours per day

Brain Harmonization Process


This is the first step in tackling the effects of your current home environment on your system. The process neutralizes the detrimental effects of your home through a 24/7 process that is working continuously on your living quarters to ensure an optimal interaction between all residents under the roof and the longitudinal/latitudinal Earth grid lines that your home's structure is built into, as well as mitigating the effects of the electromagnetic field emitting from the modern-day technology in and surrounding your home.  This part of our home support cannot be solidified and anchored, so it is something we offer as a monthly subscription, as well, called Home Support. It is recommended through challenging astrological transits or quarterly to ensure you are being supported by your environment.

Process Length: 7 days - 24 hours per day

Home Activation Process
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