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Feedback about Bakamere Organization

This amazing, spiritual, self-empowering tool - The Subconscious Process - helped me dive smoothly into the depths of my remaining unknown self.  The processes' immersion was full of surprises. I had to face buried and unknown emotions to my conscious awareness, which was a bit heavy from time to time, but my intuition rebounded with a forgotten part of me that craved healing, transformation and release.

Thanks to this subconscious healing, I’ve reconnected with my resilience, inner wisdom and natural sense of hope.  The veil separating consciousness from unconsciousness was smoothly lifted in an unpainful way and gave birth to a higher level of consciousness within me. 

I'd like to further describe my experience with a quote from the book My Visit to Agharta by T. Lobsang Rampa: 

“ We have to remember that we are only one/tenth conscious, and the real source of knowledge, the real source of action, is the subconscious. But the subconscious is like a lazy old man who wants to sit in front of the fireplace and smoke a pipe all day and not do anything."  

The Subconscious Process helped me open a conversation with the lazy old man sitting by the fireplace, and for that I will always be grateful to this innovative and significant process.

-- Jihane El Glaoui

    Beirut, Lebanon

My goal for this process was to help sleep more soundly, peacefully and restfully.  After negative experiences in the military and a breakup with my girlfriend I found myself struggling to sleep and not enjoying nighttime. Sleeping is no longer a problem for me. I have no issues sleeping alone. My PTSD from the military via dreaming is almost non-existent after The Subconscious Process.

-- Zander Rosen
Denver, CO

The Subconscious Process will release you from anything unseen that is holding you back.  During the process, I learned that I can get through anything and the best support is often subtle.  Initially it was tricky to believe what was possible with this remote process, but I quickly felt major shifts.  Even if I don’t know the how or the why of things, extreme healing can take place.  I had no idea how much my day to day life would improve from experiencing this process.

-- Tyler Strutt

After the Energy Alignment Process, I felt more positive, more intuitive with periods of increased clarity and peace. I felt less anxiety, less reactive and a strong sense of moving forward with greater strength, hope and optimism. The process helped me to greater release attachment to and complacency with my illness and pain. If the opportunity to experience this process has presented itself to you and speaks to you at all, release fear and resistance, take a deep breath and dive in. Commit to it. You will receive back tenfold what you invest. Let yourself trust and believe.

-- Annie Shippee

I would like to thank you, for directing me to make changes in my life that have developed in major benefits. I was hesitant about numerology, but I witnessed an uplifting when I moved into another apartment that had the numbers you recommended. Even the herbal tea recommendation has been amazing. I sleep better and have more mental clarity. I will be grateful forever.

-- Lucero Tello
Washington, D.C.

The Subconscious Process is very powerful and although it is not easy, it is life-changing. There is so much inside of us we aren't always in touch with, and this process is one way to bring those parts of us out, to greet them and develop healthy relationships with our many selves.  The most challenging part was the beginning of the process.  Huge, intense emotional waves of subconscious things came unearthed, like mudslides, tidal waves, like pulsing electricity in my body.  It was very physical and I struggled to keep it together during the first two weeks.
Then I felt cleared, and could observe and interact with all the pain and immerse myself in the habits I wanted to change.  I learned a lot about my emotional capabilities, in particular gaining more awareness of and strength to express my anger in healthier ways. I came to a lot of reflection on memories, interpersonal histories, and rhythms of relationships. Tuning a lot into my body sensation and trusting my instincts, but also expanding my patience to change and grow were big parts of the learning throughout the process.

-- Tim Kooken
Artist, Teacher, Qigong Instructor

Experiencing The Subconscious Process allowed me to learn a lot more about my own barriers to love, and especially those linked to childhood trauma.  In many ways it helped me get beyond blame and see better my own role in relationship disruption.  I learned that opening the door to my subconscious, while often challenging, does provide valuable insight to help me heal and live a more productive life.  If you have the courage to do this process - go for it!

-- Ed Merck

I felt a profound impact the day before the Energy Alignment concluded. It felt very clearing, freeing- and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. After the process, I finally sat for mediation after quite a long stretch without it. It was instantly deep & shifting. Clarity rolled in very casually and easily. I felt my energy shift from spiraling downwards- counter clockwise if you were looking down at the top of my head from above- to clockwise and spiraling upwards from the base of my spine to the top of my head. It was effortless to notice and make this change.  I feel residual trauma falling away gently and quietly throughout my days since the process concluded, even if I'm not meditating.

-- Turiya M
Musician, Reiki Practitioner


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