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Remote Solutions for Immunity and Peace of Mind

System Soother Process

For Immunity and Nervous System Balance

Receive an immune and nervous system tune up to help you adjust and adapt to the changing stressors caused by the nature of this pandemic.  Reach out for support on an "as needed basis" with the per day option, or request a full week of support with the cost effective option of 7 consecutive days.

$28 per day - Reserve this service

$143 for 7 days - Reserve this service

Optimal Immunity Method

Continuous Immunity Support

An entirely remote set up that continuously supports immunity 24 hours a day for as long as you choose.  A picture of you or your family member is used on our spiritual science technology using energy patterns through physics that communicates optimal support for your immune system. If you would like to extend your time on the setup, the same price will apply based on the option you choose.

$17 for 2 weeks - Reserve this service

$28 for 4 weeks - Reserve this service

Environmental Immunity

An Undisrupted Environment at Home

A completely remote process where an image of your home, apartment, bedroom or property is set up on our spiritual science technology to continuously neutralize the qualities of any harmful or detrimental vibrational wavelengths emitted by electromagnetic radiation frequencies and displaced Earth grid lines.  This process also increases the beneficial and healing wavelengths naturally emitted by the ley lines of the Earth.  The result is a harmonious resonance and interaction between your system and your environment throughout and long after the process is complete.  Make your home a place for relaxation, support, and peace. 

$35 - Reserve this service

++++ Combine the 4-week Optimal Immunity Method and the Environmental Immunity ++++ 

for $53 and save $10.

Reserve this combination here

++++ Combine all 3 for $179 and save $27 ++++

Reserve all 3 here

Please note that a service fee is added to all PayPal transactions and can be waived if paid through Venmo @bakamere

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